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Bergamini’s Renewal as Vice-President of EPP Group in Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly Confirmed

January 2024
By Alessandro Caruso

During Forza Italia’s thirtieth-anniversary week, significant news broke yesterday for the party as Deborah Bergamini was reconfirmed as the vice-president of the EPP group in the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe. Strasbourg witnessed a day of high-profile appointments for the European People’s Party, with Davor Stier of Croatia securing the position of the new group leader in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Meanwhile, Bergamini’s tenure as vice president was extended, and she expressed her commitment to further amplify the voice of the EPP within the parliamentary assembly.

Deborah Bergamini holds a pivotal role in the history of Forza Italia, exhibiting unwavering loyalty to Berlusconi, for whom she also served as a communications consultant. In 2008, she transitioned to European policies, assuming the role of secretary for the Italian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a body dedicated to upholding democratic principles, cohesion values, and European integration among member states. Her contributions extended to serving on the Culture committee and presiding over the subcommittee dedicated to Media and the Information society.

Notably, Bergamini focused on gender inclusion and combating violence against women, serving as the reference parliamentarian for Italy in the European Council network addressing domestic violence. In 2009, she was elected president of the Center North South (CNS) of the Council of Europe, securing reconfirmation in 2011 for an additional two years. Under her leadership, the Euro-Med Women Network was inaugurated, a women’s network emphasizing democratic governance. Since January 2014, Bergamini has been a member of the Political Affairs Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and vice-president of the EPP group, a role reaffirmed just yesterday.

Her appointment garnered institutional congratulations, starting with Salvatore De Meo, president of the Constitutional Affairs committee of the European Parliament (Fi – EPP group), who conveyed, “My warmest congratulations to Deborah Bergamini for her re-election as vice-president of the European People’s Party group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Her demonstrated commitment, dedication, and competence in political and parliamentary activities over recent years are commendable. I am confident that her qualities, coupled with her talent and passion, will prove indispensable for Forza Italia to attain new and significant objectives, solidifying its position as a key player within the European People’s Party.”

The others nominated vicepresident of the EPP are Boriana Aberg (Sweden), Dora Bakoyannis (Greece), Georg Georgiev (Bulgaria), Zanda Kalnina Lukasevica (Latvia), Elvira Kovacs (Serbia), Mariia Mezentseva (Ukraine), Lorinc Nacsa (Hungary), Aleksandar Nikoloski (North Macedonia), Joseph O’Reilly (Ireland), Ingjerd Shie Schou (Norway), Ionut Marian Stroe (Romania), Birgir Thorarinsson (Iceland), Volker Ullrich (Germany).