Tourism & Culture

By Elisa Tortorolo | 16 May 2024

In Ventotene a Talk on Youth and Europe

The Ventotene Europa Festival ended on Sunday. Sixty young people from across the EU spent four days together on the island.

By Gianni Pittella | 20 February 2024

Vox Clamantis in Deserto?

Mario Draghi’s latest intervention offers a crystal-clear analysis of globalization, the great betrayed promises of the post-1989 world, and what should be done today by far-sighted and courageous political leaders.

By Gianni Pittella | 16 August 2023

Myopic Democracy

To this contradiction of our time, which is the real cause of the crisis of liberal democracies, Jan Zielonka dedicates his latest book “Myopic Democracy.”