Foreign Affairs

G7, Earth leader in Savelletri

June 2024
By Valentina Ricci

On the deserted waterfront of Savelletri—a district in the Municipality of Fasano, Brindisi Province—overlooking the sea of Valle d’Itria, life seems to have halted. It will not resume until Sunday, June 16, when the G7 summit concludes.

Preparations are complete to host one of the most sensitive intergovernmental summits in history, due to international conflicts and the presence of exceptional guests.

Post-election rest for Meloni
Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arrived in Puglia yesterday afternoon, opting to start her stay early at Borgo Egnazia, the Melpignano family resort where final details are being finalized for the world leaders’ reception, whose arrival is expected Thursday afternoon. Meloni has thus taken a few hours of post-election rest and will meet some of the foreign delegations already present.

Key arrivals: Biden first, then the Pope
Among the key figures, the first to land in Brindisi will be the President of the United States, Joe Biden, tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, June 12. Other leaders are expected to use not only Brindisi but also Bari and Grottaglie airports. The U.S. delegation is the largest, with its own security management.

It seems that Pope Francis will arrive by helicopter inside Borgo Egnazia on Friday afternoon, June 14, right in the midst of the meeting of the world’s seven most powerful nations: France, Germany, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Italy. Nearly 20,000 attendees are expected, including delegations from the founding countries and invited nations.

Discussion topics
The G7 will provide an opportunity to discuss many urgent and current issues across different world areas, from the war in Ukraine to the conflict in the Middle East. Topics also include economic growth models and development prospects, climate, environment, energy, and food security. Discussions will prominently feature Africa and the Mattei Plan, unresolved issues regarding immigration, and various economic topics, from the possibility of global taxation to free market dynamics and competitiveness with China in strategic sectors. For the first time, health and disability will be topics at the G7.

AI and Pope Francis
The Italian government, especially at the initiative of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, has emphasized the conscious use of artificial intelligence, also launching a series of recent meetings at Palazzo Chigi. A special guest at the summit will be Pope Francis, who, regarding artificial intelligence, “has agreed to be present for the entire session” scheduled for Friday, June 14. Discussions will focus on the “ethical and human-centric” use of AI, its impact on employment, and how to prevent it from widening the gap between advanced and less developed countries.

From organizational sources, it was learned that the summit will conclude with a synthesis of priorities, a document consisting of a final Declaration, based on the premise of how and to what extent the G7 can contribute to global stability.

Official dinner with President Mattarella
On Thursday evening, June 13, the official dinner will take place at the Castello Svevo in Brindisi, with the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. The Municipality has issued five ordinances to limit traffic and parking. “Aware of the inconveniences, but the citizens should be protagonists of security alongside the institutions. A shared effort for the best outcome for the province in the eyes of the world,” stressed the prefect Luigi Carnevale and the chief of police Giampietro Lionetti, inviting the population—especially of Brindisi and Fasano—to cooperate for the success of the event.

Fortified Puglia: the restrictions
From June 13 to 15, extraordinary security measures and strict restrictions will be in effect. For days, agents from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit have been working to ensure security during the G7. In addition to about 40 specialized police officers and carabinieri, many American soldiers are also engaged in monitoring areas hosting the heads of state and the arriving delegations. Helipads have also been set up for the secure arrival of guests.

The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, has stated that there should be no particular problems due to the presence of groups that might protest the G7.