Gigabit Infrastructure Act: Mituta, “Abolish roaming charges on international calls”

Wednesday 24 April 2024

“The current situation is that we have a policy concerning roaming charges. When you travel from your member state to another member state with your subscription, you don’t pay an additional fee, but this does not apply when you make calls from your member state to another member state.” These are the words of Romanian MEP from Renew, Alin Mituța, regarding the new developments introduced by the “Gigabit Infrastructure Act,” which aims to reduce the costs of implementing ultra-fast networks and was approved by the European Parliament, meeting in plenary in Strasbourg, with 594 votes in favor, 7 against, and 15 abstentions. Mituta explained: “if you are Belgian and you call from your Belgian network to the Czech Republic, you will pay up to $0.19 per minute. This is a bit strange because it means that you pay more when making calls from your member state, compared to when traveling to or in Europe.” This is therefore an anomaly that we have tried to address in the regulation and what we have done is abolish these extra charges. This will apply starting from 2029, but until 2029 we will continue with the current caps of $0.19 per minute, which were supposed to expire on May 14,” he concluded.

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