RUN ELECTRIC Trailer – The journey through the Italian electric mobility supply chain

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Run Electric is The Watcher Post’s journey into the supply chain of the Italian-made electric mobility industry.

An 8-episode report dedicated to 8 Italian companies producing microelectronic components and electric motors, batteries and charging stations, as well as the components necessary for the electrification of cars, commercial vehicles, industrial and agricultural machinery. From Catania to Bolzano for a journey of over 4,000 kilometers, all traveled by us at The Watcher Post on board exclusively full electric cars.

From ST Microelectronics to Alpitronic, passing through Gewiss, Iveco, Bonfiglioli, Bitron, E-Gap Engineering, and Scame. Companies that innovate, grow, and constantly seek new expertise. In the factories and among the production lines, we interviewed many protagonists of the energy transition in transportation who told us about successes, challenges, and needs.

Conceived by Piero Tatafiore

Video Journalist: Paolo Bozzacchi

Executive Producer: Axel Donzelli

Filming by Simone Zivillica and Stefano Raspa

Direction and editing by Simone Zivillica

Graphics by Eleonora Invernizzi

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