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Enrico Letta: Much More Than a Market. The Complete Version

April 2024
By Editorial Staff

Italian lawmakers and former Prime Ministers are on the spotlight of the EU bubble this week. Mario Draghi and Enrico Letta were entrusted by Commission President von der Leyen to draw up to key reports on EU competitiveness and Single Market respectively. According to experts and Brussels’ geeks, Draghi and Letta’s suggestions may become part of next mandate’s political guidelines.
After extensive consultations with stakeholders at European and Member States’ levels, Mr Enrico Letta today unveals his high-level report, ahead of a special European Council. Letta’s work focused mainly on the three areas where further action is needed to complete the single market: telecommunications, energy and financial markets. Also crucial in Letta’s view is the promotion of an EU version of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) linked to a new paradigm for state aid.
Finally, when asked about Draghi’s report, Letta stated that the two reports “speak to one another”, but his work will only focus on single market functioning.