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Let’s start surfing a new far-right wave

July 2024
By Editorial Staff

From July 1st until December 31st, Hungary will replace Belgium and take charge of the presidency of the Council of the European Union. It is no secret that Orbán has a special sympathy for Russia. His visit to Moscow was considered alarming by EU leaders, as a new patriotic group is rising inside EU institutions.

Hungarian presidency at our service

During its presidency, Hungary will focus on seven key areas: boosting EU competitiveness, strengthening defense policy, ensuring a consistent and merit-based enlargement policy, curbing illegal migration, shaping the future of cohesion policy, promoting a farmer-oriented agricultural policy, and tackling demographic challenges.

The Hungarian presidency coincides with the rise of a new patriotic alliance, which has unveiled some uncertainties and fears within the EU. Therefore, President of the European Council Charles Michel made it clear: “Russia is the aggressor, Ukraine is the victim. No discussion on Ukraine is taking place without Ukraine.”

The new Patriotic group

“This alliance is meant as a rocket that will bring other parties on board at the European level to join forces and give Europe a better future,” Kickl said of the “Patriots for Europe,” the name of the new patriotic alliance. The announcement of the alliance was delivered on Sunday, June 30th, right before the beginning of the Hungarian presidency.

This coalition aims to reshape EU institutions and change the EU’s approach to migration, green policies, and the war in Ukraine. So far, Austrian far-right leader Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (Fidesz), and former Czech leader Andrej Babiš (ANO) are forming this new alliance. The alliance also attracts support from other political parties, like Matteo Salvini’s League, which welcomed the initiative as a new alternative to fight against the “disastrous” left. “We want to broaden the scope of a strong, patriotic, cohesive group that opposes backroom deals. We view very favorably the statements of other leaders who have expressed their willingness today,” said a League statement.

The alliance hopes to become a new group in the European Parliament soon, but to do so, they still need elected MEPs from at least four other countries to comply with the Parliament’s rules. As of now, the next step for the group will be to release a “Patriotic Manifesto.”