USA 2024: – 217, Trump relaunches video with Biden tied up

April 2024
By Giampiero Gramaglia

Easter Sunday in the United States brought controversies over a video shared on social media by Donald Trump in his campaign for USA 2024, showing an image of Joe Biden tied up hands and feet, and for the coincidence of the celebration of Transgender Visibility Day, proclaimed by Biden, with the Christian holiday. Regarding the primaries, Biden won those in North Dakota, where Republicans had already voted in early March.

The video shared by Trump on his Truth social media shows an image of Biden lying on his side on the ground and tied up like a salami painted on the rear door of a pickup truck. The video was allegedly filmed on Long Island, New York, perhaps when the former president attended the funeral of an officer killed during a check by two men with criminal records.

Michael Tyler, communications director for Biden’s campaign, commented: “Trump regularly incites political violence and it’s time for people to take him seriously, just ask the Capitol Police officers who were attacked while protecting our democracy on January 6.”

The spokesperson for the tycoon’s campaign, Steven Cheung, responded: “That image was on the back of a pickup truck traveling on the highway. Democrats and crazies have not only called for despicable violence against President Trump and his family, but they are actually using the judicial system as a weapon against him.”

USA 2024: Controversy over coincidence between Easter and transgender visibility day
Since becoming president, Biden has celebrated Transgender Visibility Day on March 31, renewing his commitment “to peace, security, and dignity for all people,” while “wars and conflicts inflict a cost in terms of innocent lives around the world.”

Transgender Visibility Day, observed on March 31 every year, was promoted 15 years ago by its supporters as a way to show respect for transgender people and raise awareness of the discrimination they face.

But this time, the coincidence with Easter and the electoral perspective sparked controversy. Republicans accused the president, who is Catholic, of wanting to suppress Christian values, highlighting the event during an important religious holiday. And the first to enter the fray was Donald Trump, whose campaign called on Biden to “apologize to millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe that Easter is for one celebration only: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” “The White House has betrayed the central principle of Easter, which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” echoed House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The White House responded by stating that, “as a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden is committed to uniting people and supporting the dignity and freedom of every American.”

Sarcastically, the Human Rights Campaign, a major civil rights group for the LGBTQ+ community, commented: “Not only would Trump drag us back in time with his policies, but apparently he doesn’t even know how the calendar works.” The coincidence between the day and Easter is indeed random because Easter falls on a different day every year calculated according to lunar phases.

USA 2024: Biden wins North Dakota primaries, despite a plethora of candidates
President Biden won Saturday’s Democratic primaries in North Dakota, with over 92% of the votes. This was reported by press sources.

Biden’s victory was practically certain, but there were seven other candidates on the ballot, mostly local, so there was a risk of vote dispersion, which did not occur. Donald Trump had won the Republican caucuses in North Dakota on March 4.

Biden and Trump have already secured the majority of delegates to their party conventions and are already certain of being nominated as candidates for the White House.