by Eleonore Para

European Elections: A Particularly Harsh First Televised Debate Between Valérie Hayer and Jordan Bardella

The first debate between the candidate of the presidential majority, Valérie Hayer, and the lead candidate of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella.

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Bardella Hayer
by Eleonore Para

The Speech on Europe at the Sorbonne: Emmanuel Macron Warns of a “Deadly Europe” and Outlines Future Perspectives for a “Powerful Europe”

Macron reviewed European achievements and outlined the roadmap for the European Union. The purpose of this intervention: “to influence the agenda” of the next European Commission after the elections next June.

Macron Europe
by Alessandro Caruso

The AI Act passed: the EU is the first to regulate artificial intelligence

The Council of the European Union today definitively approved the EU law on artificial intelligence, which had been debated for months. The direction of the legislation is clear: the greater the risk of causing harm to society, the stricter the rules will be.

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by Editorial Staff

Coreper calls for sustainable companies

On May 15th, one step towards companies’ welfare was made. The Permanent Representatives Committee of the Council (Coreper) approved the text on the directive that will provide a framework for European corporate due diligence, but not without several important changes.