by Gianni Pittella

European elections: Italian voters pay off Forza Italia, PD and the AVS alliance, punishing Lega and centrists

Analyses on the outcome of the European elections are fairly unanimous. With regard to the results in our country, the vote, although characterised by a very high abstention rate, rewarded Forza Italia, the Democratic Party (PD) and AVS (Alleanza Verdi Sinistra) and punished the Lega and the centre parties

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by Giampiero Gramaglia

European elections: the Big turn to the right, Europe keeps the bar in the middle

Big shocks in Germany and France, with the advances of extreme right-wing parties and the defeats of the ruling parties, especially the Social Democrats and President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance, who dissolved the Assemblée nationale and called immediate general elections. In the major EU countries, only in Italy and Poland do the ruling forces win.

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ecr reconquete
by Editorial Staff

The EEA and the Single Market, a future together is possible

The European Economic Area (EEA) agreement marked its 30th anniversary today, an alliance with a long path ahead to a future full of possibilities within the Single Market. Or, at least, this was the gist of the keynote speech made by Enrico Letta during the “30 years of the European Economic Area: A Unique Partnership Fit for the Future” conference hosted in Brussels by the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council.

Single Market Enrico Letta