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EU analysis and more: a needed new Media

April 2024
By Gianni Pittella

The environment surrounding us and the challenges ahead underscore the crucial importance of the upcoming European elections. A platform for observation, analysis, and debate such as “The Watcher Post EU” is warmly welcomed and will serve as an effective and authoritative tool for deepening the understanding of major European issues, offering a variety of perspectives. This digital newspaper is open to all and invites reflection from those who do not wish to bury their heads in the sand as we navigate through monumental changes.

Amidst an ongoing war in the heart of Europe and a dramatically resurging conflict in the Middle East, combined with a declared determination to restore Russian hegemony both territorially and in terms of power, the global situation is tumultuous. We no longer live in the era of a bipolar world, nor can we rely on the naively optimistic promises of the past.

Should Trump return to power in November, the world would have even more reason for concern. We are undoubtedly at a transitional moment: a redefinition of the world order is necessary, which can be shaped in various ways.

The mere thought of an anti-European force victory in June sends shivers down the spine. Personally, I believe this will not happen. Despite the upheavals that have rocked European institutions, I am confident that pro-European forces will prevail and designate the new President of the European Commission, who will enjoy a broad majority both in Parliament and in the Council.

Will this be accomplished by adhering to the nominations of European political families for the Presidency? Or will it occur through an agreement among the leaders in the Council, as suggested by the emerging Franco-German-Polish axis? Alliances are being formed and dissolved at this very moment, but it is crucial to understand: the current context does not allow for superficial maneuvers, and whoever leads the European institutions must bravely and urgently address security and defense issues, judiciously complete the ecological and digital transitions, contribute to a new global framework, and reform internal governance, particularly by overcoming the unanimity voting requirement that stifles democracy.

Furthermore, the new Pellegrini-Orban duo, especially if bolstered by a potential disastrous Trump victory, will not stand idly by.

The Watcher Post EU aims to write about this and much more. Good luck to the entire team on this wonderful adventure!